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Listen: Christylez Bacon, Hip-Hop UnPlugged

You've probably seen Christylez Bacon even if you didn't know it was him. His picture was emblazoned on the Convention Center for a while. Or maybe you've seen Bacon peddle his bike through the city en route to a gig.
Then there's the ensemble: He looks like a member of the Jackson 5 and dresses like Andre 3000. He's a [...]

Hardcore for Hippies? Thanks, Give

Back in March, for our Best of D.C. issue, we said that local hardcore revivalists Give have the city's best underappreciated live show. At the time, Matt Siblo wrote:
Defining a “D.C. sound” is something of a folly these days, Moombahton notwithstanding. Still, you’d think a band like Give, with its not-exactly-hardcore but not-exactly-not-hardcore aesthetic, would have [...]