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ToDo ToDay: The Sea Life, Yo Gotti, and Patriotic Burlesque

On the eve of Independence Day and a three-day weekend, the Black Cat hosts local rock acts that provide the soundtrack to your daydreams. The Sea Life headlines in support of its third release, Transitions, a four-song EP recorded, like their 2012 full-length In Basements, below ground with Tommy Sherrod of Full Glass Records. The shoegaze band [...]

ToDo ToDay: Impossible!, Gun Crazy, and Humble Fire

Happenstance Theater is experiencing a bout of depression. Set in 1930s America, Impossible! A Happenstance Circus poses a simple question: What’s a circus like without the funding? Gone are the brass bands, manic lions, and fear-inducing clown getups. Instead, it’s a visual showcase of skill, talent, and passion created by the performers themselves. The Happenstance team [...]

ToDo ToDay: Fawna Xiao and Tax Day Food Deals!

For most printmakers, each work they create is almost entirely executed before the ink hits the page. Fawna Xiao is not most printmakers. She approaches her prints like a painter approaches a painting: by adding one layer on top of another until she’s created her ideal effect. In her latest solo show, “Lost Land,” she [...]

ToDo ToDay: Everything Except the Actual Inauguration

Today, President Barack Obama is publicly sworn into office for the second time. This does not mean that you should go to the inauguration ceremony. In fact, you should probably avoid it. Here’s what you should do instead: Clean your apartment, finish that book you’ve been neglecting, or go for a long walk far from [...]

ToDo ToDay: forgetters! Another New Year’s Celebration!

Despite endless clamoring from fans, Blake Schwarzenbach maintains that there’s no Jawbreaker reunion on the horizon. Why? He’s too busy writing, recording, and touring with his latest band, forgetters—irreverently spelled without the capital F. Born out of the ashes of Schwarzenbach’s short-lived project, The Thorns of Life, forgetters play a particular brand of post-hardcore that [...]

This Week in Music: Jack Rose’s Luck in the Valley

The posthumous release of Jack Rose's Luck in the Valley is a return to American roots music. Made up of Cajun, country, blues, and jazz influences, Rose's album is characterized by acoustic fingerpicking and ample use of slide. Guest artists on the album (including a banjo player, junkyard percussionist, and harmonica player) seem superfluous when [...]

Jack Rose 1971-2009

Philadelphia-based acoustic guitarist Jack Rose died Sunday morning of a heart attack. He was 38 years old.
Rose was a traditional musician with a flare for the experimental. A Virginia native, he got his start during the mid-'90s performing with the Richmond-based avant-folk group Pelt. A few years later, Rose went solo. Inspired by American primitive [...]