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Make Your Own Jack Johnson Dance Remixes!

Back in 2009, when Washington City Paper posted some particularly embarrassing voicemails involving Ward 8 councilmember Marion Barry, we were pleased to see what you might call the DJ's answer to citizen journalism: dance remixes.
Well, this week you've got another opportunity to make your own hyperlocal club bangers. The U.S. Attorney's Office released recordings of former Prince [...]

5 PBS Kids Shows With Theme Songs that Will Violate Your Skull

I am the father of a preschooler, which means I can plead insanity when accused of various minor social transgressions. It also means that the television is tuned to PBS anytime from the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Your average Horrible Parent knows this, because "television" sometimes equals "survival" for anybody with a [...]