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Listen to Silk Road, Inner Loop’s Ode to the Obscene

Journey through the Internet's now-defunct black market with lewd tales and dark beats.

Listen: Bo Jankans, Mr. Motormouth

Who is Bo Jankans, and what's his deal? "I ain't out for success like the rest of 'em," he shouts on the title track of his recent EP, Mr. Motormouth. "I'm out to spread love to my people, that's my testament." Still, it's clear he wants to go somewhere: "I don't pay attention to the [...]

Listen: J-Scrilla, “On The Reels”

On 2009's "Guns & Butter," MCs X.O. and K-BETA made great use of producer J-Scrilla's methodical composition. It showcased the rappers' formidable mic skills and proved that good things can happen when they're on the same page.
Scrilla's recently released single, "On the Reels," pairs X.O. and BETA once more. This time, the pace is quicker [...]

Listen: K-BETA’s “Pakistan”

It's been two years since Virginia MC K-BETA dropped his excellent Inglorious Beta LP, a dynamic 16-song set of fierce rhymes and tough instrumentals. Since then, however, the rapper had been quiet on the music front.
BETA returns with "Pakistan," a new single produced by InnerLoop label head J-Scrilla. Here, the rapper sounds comfortable amid restless funk [...]

Lyriciss Is Looking for Balance

In recent months, Lyriciss has made great strides in his young career, growing from an underdog MC with minimal national exposure to an impressive MC with multiple blog placements to his credit: He's become a regular on go-to sites like DJ Booth and Okayplayer.
On Monday, Lyriciss dropped an eight-song EP, The Balance: Respect, on which [...]

J-Scrilla Releases Capitol Punishment

DJ J-Scrilla is no stranger to the mixtape concept, whether he's releasing his own compilations or promoting those from his peers. From the late '90s to the early aughts, Scrilla's tapes paired veteran MCs with lesser-known talent. "I want my tapes to be more like 'digs' for the listener, rather than a rack of joints they [...]

New Year Means New Music From Laelo Hood and PHZ-Sicks

DMV MCs Laelo Hood and PHZ-Sicks didn't waste time once the ball dropped, dropping new projects less than a week into the new year.
Their lyrical cadences and subject matter couldn't be more different. Laelo—a member of the D.C.-based InnerLoop imprint with K-BETA, J-Scrilla and others—discusses addiction and his love of smoking weed, among other things. [...]

DMV, Prepare for a Beatdown

I typically wouldn't promote literal (or figurative) violence, but this Sunday's showcase at U Street Music Hall just might be the best ass whoopin' you'll receive all weekend.
The local InnerLoop record label returns with its 23rd edition of the popular "Beatdown" series, which allows local and national producers to display both exclusive and well-known tracks [...]

DMV Rap Attack: Video Edition

New DMV rap videos.