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Reviewed: “Revisit: The Inconstancy of Being” at Studio Gallery

The idea of returning to an old subject many years later is a venerable photographic trope, as shown in the current National Gallery of Art exhibit, “The Serial Portrait.” In “Revisit: The Inconstancy of Being,” nine photographers exhibit pairs of photos—one they took years ago, and one they took recently.
In some, the differences are subtle. [...]

Reviewed: Iwan Bagus, Peter Karp, and Amy Davis at Studio Gallery

Iwan Bagus, a D.C. photographer and professor, asks, “How long does an image last?” His answer: “An eternity and a blink of the eye.” That pretty much sums up his newest series, now on exhibit at the Studio Gallery. Bagus took a series of fractured self-portraits using rolls of old-school color transparency film, cut out [...]

Reviewed: “Mark and Master” at Studio Gallery

As might be expected, this group exhibit of photographs by local photography professors, timed for Fotoweek DC, is all over the map, from underwear-and-pistol shots to placid landscapes. A number of images are notable, however. Sue Wrbican includes an image from her collaborative project with Mary Carothers—a frozen 1970s Chevy Nova whose light-toned depiction suggests [...]

FotoWeek: “The Breadth and Beauty of Photography” at Studio Gallery

The Studio Gallery’s FotoWeek exhibition includes more than a dozen artists and just as many visual directions. Iwan Bagus uses understated black and white to create an impressive array of multiple-exposure images of ghostly human figures haunting spartan interiors. Olivia Alonso offers an inspired image of a pair of feet resting under a momentarily elevated [...]

Reviewed: “Tripping the Light Fantastic” at Studio Gallery

The current group show, "Tripping the Light Fantastic," at Studio Gallery possesses everything you'd expect from a cooperative art gallery: some nice representational oil and watercolor works, some abstract efforts to make "that painting," and plenty of mixed media works that range from drawings with acrylic and charcoal to light bulbs tacked to wood. Most [...]