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Reviewed: Ivan Sigal at the Corcoran Gallery of Art

Between 1998 and 2005, Ivan Sigal, a D.C.-based journalist and new-media trainer, photographed extensively in provincial areas of Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan. Sigal’s exhibit, “White Road"—which translates as “safe journey," from a sign often posted at the edge of the steppe—offers retro, frequently grainy, and sometimes distorted black-and-white images of [...]

Openings: Fall Fringe and the Virgin Mary

What's new this weekend in local arts.
It's Friday! If that's not enough reason to rejoice, none of the new arts openings this weekend have anything to do with Tuesday's election or the aftermath of the Frankenstorm. Instead, they're a wide mix of innovative theater, photographs about social and religious issues, and modernist paintings inspired by [...]

Reviewed: “Click: Space & Time” at Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Addison/Ripley's “Click: Space & Time” is ambitious, aiming to show how photography represents “two-dimensional space at a fixed instant in time.” It's not a particularly original theme—and I'm not sure many of the works even address it—but never mind. There are plenty of fascinating images to see here.
The great D.C.-based photographer Frank Hallam Day offers [...]