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ToDo ToDay: Marisha Pessl, 1,000 Andys, Dan Savage, and Ira Glass

Marisha Pessl wasn’t meant to be an office worker. In fact, while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers after college, she started drafting her debut novel, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, which earned popular and critical acclaim when it was released in 2006. Seven years later, she’s returned with an even darker pulp mystery, Night Film. Read more >>> Marisha Pessl reads [...]

Mike Birbiglia Talks Sleepwalk with Me and Mike Daisey

Mike Birbiglia is not timid about his personal life. After working the door the DC Improv and struggling as a comedian, he found his voice by telling stories with a gentle, sincere tone. In one of these stories, Birbiglia describes how his bizarre, potentially life-threatening sleepwalking problem became a catalyst for important changes in his [...]

Mike Daisey—Wait for It—Apologizes (and May Apologize Again Tomorrow at Woolly Mammoth)

In the first week of 1997, almost exactly 15 years before This American Life issued its first retraction, the then-young, not-yet-hugely popular public radio program aired a story about a phone line where callers record apologies to people they’ve wronged.
It was brutal stuff: In one of the recordings aired, an adult male confessed to [...]

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Mike Daisey

The difference between “I saw it with my own eyes” and “I read it in The New York Times” is not thin, like the six-month-old MacBook Air I’m typing this on. It’s huge, like the six-year-old Apple Cinema Display sitting on my desk in the other room.
The difference between “I read in The New [...]

“And I Am Not Lying” to Break Your Heart

I met Jeff Simmermon in 1986. We went to different schools in the Northern Virginia suburbs but attended the same theater camp the summer between fourth and fifth grade, where we appeared together in a production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. My recollection is that Jeff was one of a few kids who [...]

Arts Roundup: Pledge Drive Edition

Dirt, Styrofoam, Other Stuff: Pink Line Project breaks down the Flashpoint Gallery's current exhibit "Site Aperture," to which artists Talia Greene, Mia Feuer, Margaret Boozer, and Mariah Anne Johnson contributed very different elements. Greene's leafy pattern on the gallery's back wall was painted in coffee; Boozer's vein of rubble running through the room is the soil [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.

1. Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot GRRRL Revolution, by Sara Marcus.
When I saw Bikini Kill and Team Dresch play at a fraternity in Connecticut in 1995 (or was it early 1996?), there were some white hats ("white hats" = [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.

1 Slut Lullabies, by Gina Frangello.
Are we living in a post-racial future (Barack Obama, white kids considering hip-hop "their" music, popular appeal of the "Madea" movies, etc.)? If not, will we be living in a post-racial future anytime soon, when memories of Jim Crow [...]