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D.C. Film Production Guide Coming to iPhones

The D.C. Office of Motion Picture and Television Development is getting into the mobile-device game. The Film Office, which released the 2011 edition of its Production Resource Guide on Wednesday, is turning the 140-page directory into an iPhone app that will make it quicker for visiting movie crews to hire local vendors, scout locations, and [...]

Bluebrain? There’s an App for That

Arts Desk occasionally crushes on Bluebrain, the electro-pop duo of brothers Ryan and Hays Holladay, but for good reason—they're pretty damned clever. In our inbox earlier this week we found an announcement of their latest project, another venture blending their catchy beats with the digital frontier. Bluebrain's newest mindfuck requires two trips—one to the National [...]

For DJ Neekola, iPhone App Is the New Show Flyer

There comes a time for many musicians when they choose to toss away full-time jobs and security to pursue their dreams. This usually involves eating cheap takeout to afford studio time, begging everyone they know to listen to their demo, and putting up fliers around town. Wait, sorry, this is 2010: It means building a [...]

In D.C. and Industrywide, Will the iPad Save Comics and Kill Print?

Screenshots of Marvel's Apple-device application.
For print media, the potential impact of the iPad has loomed for months—even if its implications are unclear. That's still true three days after its much-heralded landing. On Saturday, Apple reportedly sold 700,000 units of the new device.
For comics books, the iPad promises a new revenue stream and a challenge to [...]

Ex-TV Executive Creates Way to Kill People for $1

Unemployment has not been easy for Paul Sherno. Since losing his job at WJLA-TV, the veteran TV executive has applied–with 60 other people–for a warehouse job (didn't get it), considered selling insurance (money was crap), and attempted to enlist in the Army (too old).
"I speak two languages, I've won a bunch of Emmys, and I'm [...]

Three More Outsider Artist iPhone Apps

So, you like Daniel Johnston's music. And maybe you've glanced over the Waller, Texas-based outsider artist's drawings—surreal folk-art interpretations of Superman and Casper the Friendly Ghost, along with other, harder-to-define images—and liked those, too. So how's about getting lost in a three-dimensional labyrinth where his drawings spring to life and gyrate to  his greatest hits?
Last [...]