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ToDo ToDay: Beaches, The Caribbean, and a Hula Girl Pop-Up

Mention the 1988 tearjerker film Beaches and a few things come to mind: Bette Midler's explosion of bright red curls, Barbara Hershey's general perfection, and the gut-punching strains of "The Wind Beneath My Wings." Signature Theatre’s world premiere musical adaptation of Beaches might not have that whole package, but it’s got one essential ingredient: Iris Rainer Dart. The author [...]

Washington, D.C., Does Not Fit Chicago Emo Dude to a T

Chicago-based emo troubadour Evan Thomas Weiss isn't the first person to record a song called "Washington, D.C." In one of the sweetest moments on The Magnetic Fields' 1999 opus 69 Love Songs, Stephin Merritt sang: "It's not the spectacles and pageantry/The thousand things you've got to see/It's just that's where my baby waits for me."
Weiss, who records and [...]

The Best New Old Emo of 2010

Volcanoes are emo. So is Gilbert Arenas. Obama is emo, but that's OK, because Andrew Jackson was an emo president, too. Even critically acclaimed NBC comedy Community is emo*.
Emo, as a term, becomes more convoluted with every passing year, now barely containing anything of the dynamic, cathartic post-hardcore sound that erupted out of D.C. in [...]