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Meet a Visiting Comics Curator: A Chat With Andrew Farago

Andrew Farago isn't typical of the people I interview because he doesn't make comics. Instead he organizes exhibits of them and writes about them. Andrew works at the Cartoon Art Museum, one of the few U.S. cartoon museums (the other big ones are the soon-to-reopen Billy Ireland Library and Museum at Ohio State University and [...]

There Are So Many Comics Events Happening in September

It's kind of insane how much comics-related stuff is happening in town this month. Here's a list of what's on when, who's appearing, and where to find it.
September 8-9: Baltimore Comic Con at the Baltimore Convention Center
This year the megaconvention features local cartoonists Matt Dembicki (whose anthology District Comics we feature on our cover this [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Mara “Meg” Maguire

Mara "Meg" Maguire is one of the cartoonists behind Rival Hearts, a high fantasy Web comic, for which she handles the art and part of the writing. She has another Web comic, Black as White, which has been going for a decade. She was at the Intervention con this past fall with an ashcan of her Rival Hearts [...]