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With Fish in Jars and X-Rays of Rays, An Artistic Dive into an Oil Spill

New York's Brandon Ballengée issues a cri de coeur for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico tragedy.

Reviewed: Emily Biondo and Bradford Barr at Flashpoint

The idea behind “Touch Me”—an installation by D.C. artist Emily Biondo and San Francisco software engineer Bradford Barr—is compelling.
The installation toys with the intersection of art, technology and interpersonal interactions, much like some of Biondo’s prior works, like an Arlington Arts Center piece that used crocheted speaker wire to give visitors a new version of [...]

Reviewed: “Currents” at Carroll Square Gallery

The Hemphill-presented exhibit now on view at Carroll Square Gallery, "Currents," features four artists labeled “emerging talents in the mid-Atlantic region,” each of which “plays with the boundaries of abstraction and representation.” But on balance, there’s more abstraction than representation.
Alex Ebstein offers mixed-media works featuring wood, paper, yarn, twine and dirt; some (loosely) suggest masks, [...]

Reviewed: Hana Kim and Shana Kim at Flashpoint

For a region so recently addled by an electricity-snuffing derecho, an exhibit titled “Atmospheric Front” sounds positively ominous. Fortunately, the installation at Flashpoint isn’t so off-putting, though it also doesn’t quite live up to its potential. Two sisters, Hana Kim and Shana Kim, had the idea of suspending cotton twine from the ceiling using wires [...]

Reviewed: Mariah Anne Johnson and John Watson at Carroll Square Gallery

One wonders if the conceit behind Carroll Square Gallery’s “Space Is the Place” is meant half-jokingly. The two artists in the show—Mariah Anne Johnson and John Watson—were asked to make “site responsive installations,” yet there are probably a dozen galleries in town with more interesting spaces for an artist to be “responsive” to than Carroll [...]