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Why Cataract Camp Finally Released Its Travis Morrison-Produced Album

Cataract Camp’s debut album is some of the most hyperactive rock D.C. has heard in some time—sort of like Black Eyes taking on the skewed pop songs of The Dismemberment Plan at a college house party. But Sing Rain doesn't mark the revival of D.C. spazz rock but perhaps the last gasp of it. Cataract [...]

Music in Review: Hume’s Penumbra, the Local Album We Should’ve Reviewed

With the possible exception of Bluebrain, I'm fairly sure no D.C. band got more coverage from City Paper this year than Hume. And while we certainly didn't ignore the band's LP-length EP from this fall, Penumbra—its tightest cut, "Grip," was featured in a One Track Mind column in May—I think we erred by not reviewing [...]

Get It Free: Black Tambourine’s Lost Inner Ear Mixes

The thing about noisy D.C. indie-poppers Black Tambourine is that—given that, you know, the band recorded very few songs around the early '90s and all of them are great—its fans will never be satisfied. The six previously unheard songs that the band released this January as part of a self-titled retrospective—four new recordings, two demos—grew its [...]

Download a Single from Carol Bui’s Red Ship

Fine, so she lives in the wrong Washington now. New Pacific Northwesterner Carol Bui spent years in D.C. and recorded her upcoming album, Red Ship, at Inner Ear in Arlington with a host of local musicians. Now she's released the first song from that album, "Mira: You're Free With Me."
It takes the soaring, aggressive emotiveness [...]

The Exit Interview: Carol Bui

Here are some of the things Carol Bui got into between releasing her last album, 2007's harrowing and cathartic Everyone Wore White, and recording her new project, which doesn't yet have a name, and which she hopes to release in 2011: Bellydancing. Drumming. Dogs. And, academically speaking, the culture of sex work. So understandably, she [...]

DC Punk 2008 Part 5: Don Zientara

Fifth in a series of 6, we asked DC's favorite recording engineer Don Zientara for his take on the state of recorded music in 2008.  He responded in limerick form (and in an interview at his studio in Arlington):
There once was an audio format called mp3
Where parts of the digital word were sent off to [...]