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Big Shoulders Ball: More Pictures

On Monday night, the Black Cat hosted the Big Shoulders Ball. We were there. We took pictures. We shot some video of Ted Leo and Andrew Bird. By now, other sites have weighed in. DCist posted its review. So yeah this show has pretty much been blogged about enough. It was a great night–one that [...]

Watch: Andrew Bird and Ted Leo @ Big Shoulder’s Ball

We wrote about Monday's awesome Big Shoulders Ball. There were more than a few transcendent moments. The show was reviewed by Brooklyn Vegan and Pitchfork, and captured by everyone else with a flickr account. But we got video. We captured two of the sweeter moments:
Ted Leo covering Pete Seeger:
Andrew Bird with members of Eleventh [...]

Big Shoulders Ball Photos

Last night I went to the Big Shoulders Ball at the Black Cat. The show was tons of fun and without all the pomp and cheese cubes. The ball was "thrift store formal." And it was a benefit too. Highlights: Ted Leo covering Pete Seeger and Curtis Mayfield. Andrew Bird's wondrous violin plucking that he [...]

I Missed George Clinton

Andrew over on City Desk posted a smart critique of the Lincoln Memorial concert. The show's lineup, he wrote, was way too boomercentric. Of course, he's right. Garth Brooks singing "American Pie" had nothing to do with the future of the American economy, Obama, netroots, etc. It was just Hollywood's outdated response to the failing [...]

Inauguration Radio Station: Sounds from the Lincoln Concert

Just returned from a spot of Indian food after the "We Are One" concert, where I collected some supremely lo-fi recordings of the hit-or-miss performances.  Garth Brooks got a lot of stagetime.  Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock got glossed over. and Sheryl Crowe did some decent Marley with a sanitized "Where Is the Love" [...]

Wyclef Jean@The Green Inaugural Ball: Kinda Sad

I just got back from the Green Inaugural Ball on Constitution Ave at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium. I'm sure Darrow will have photos of this event soon. But I was thinking: I just saw Wyclef Jean. And I felt nothing. At one point in my life, Jean's old band dominated every single house party [...]

Inaugural Funk: DJs Spinning @ Velvet Lounge

This could be the perfect getaway from all the official events.

Inauguration Radio Station: John Lee Hooker, Jr. Says “People Want a Change”

John Lee Hooker, Jr. has a simple plan for celebrating the inauguration.
"I'll have a box of tissues here—no, a handkerchief—but I'll be sitting on the couch, man, and relaxing and watching history be made."
The son of the Boogie Man knows a thing or two about "change we can believe in." After a precocious childhood [...]

Ugh! Beyonce To Sing For Obama’s First Dance

It is 12:34 a.m. This blog will be posted later. But right now, I am trying to get my head around the dullest news possible breaking out of the inaugural festivities. WTOP is reporting that at the Neighborhood Ball, Beyonce will be singing the first song that Barack and Michelle Obama will dance to. Beyonce [...]

Big Gold Belt, DJs Andrew Morgan & Beautiful Swimmers @ Vikram Yoga on Friday

When I first heard about this it was just a concert/dance party, but now the affair has been upgraded to Wonkette's inauguration party. Which changes very little, except that now a few more people will probably show up.
Otherwise it's just going to be business as usual. Local duo Big Gold Belt, who sound kind [...]