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Arts Roundup: Bjork Duet Edition

The deal with the "Before I Die" chalkboard installation on 14th Street NW. [Post]
Moroccan photographer Lalla Essaydi discusses her images of women in the Muslim world, now on view at the National Museum of African Art. [Style Blog]
Members of D.C. indie-rock acts Imperial China and Black Clouds interview each other. [Vinyl District]
How DJ Chris Nitti [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Ascent of Women, the Death of Mountains

Hey high-achieving ladies, want to feel even better about yourselves and your future? How about a book-length explanation of why professional success won’t tank your chances of landing a man—if you even want one? In her book The Richer Sex, Washington Post reporter Liza Mundy has rounded up the research, concluding that the tidal wave [...]

Download a New Buildings Song (and Hear Some Other Sockets Goodies)

Next week is big for Sockets Records, a label Arts Desk has praised before: The label is dropping two new LPs, from local groups Imperial China and Buildings, and hosting a showcase on Jan. 28 at the Black Cat. Last week, the label previewed the new records at a listening party at Montserrat House, and now [...]

Arts Roundup: The TV Is Angry Edition

Dept. of Future Releases: Sockets Records tweeted at the world yesterday that two of its bands—noisemakers Imperial China and space-punks Buildings—turned in their albums this week. Both, Imperial China's third album, How We Connect, and Buildings' first LP, should be out next Jan. 28.
Cluster-Eastwood-fuck: TBD's Jenny Rogers landed on the red carpet for last night's Newseum premiere [...]

Fall Fringe Music Lineup Is, Well, Suitably Fringey

One of the hallmarks of Capital Fringe, however unpleasant, is the time spent on those sweltering nights on New York Avenue NW underneath the festival's Baldacchino Gypsy Tent, trying to drink away the thick, punishing heat. And sometimes, the booze isn't enough, but a band playing in the next room might ease the swampy brutality [...]

Double Dagger Might Be Dead By the End of Its Last Show

Last month Baltimore post-punk trio Double Dagger announced it was breaking up after a little more than nine years together. The six-paragraph note on the band's site sums up the bittersweet nature of Double Dagger's demise, which is taking place simply because, in their words, it's just time.
Followers of vocalist Nolen Strals, bassist Bruce Willen, [...]

Parking Deck Sessions: Noon:30

We've been digging Noon:30 for a while, but we've never heard the D.C./New York group like this. The band, now a two-piece, stopped by the City Paper parking deck last week to record a short set, but the two songs they played—"The Dream Architect" and "Peter Pan"—were nothing like the group's Pylon-esque post-punk that we [...]

More Thoughts on the Wammies Nomination Process and Omissions

My editor suggested in a post yesterday on the Wammies awards ceremony that I might want to add my two cents regarding this year's nominees, and he’s right.  The slate of nominees for the 25th anniversary Wammies contains a familiar ratio of impressive choices, mind-boggling omissions, and troubling mistakes (2008-formed Baltimore band Mama's Black Sheep as “New [...]

Letter of a (Zombie) General: Imperial China’s Latest Music Video

Halloween may be long past, but Imperial China hasn't stopped creeping people out. The trio's new offering is essentially a video mashup, but with some snappy editing, eerie clips from the 1973 horror flick Messiah of Evil complement the darkness of the Imperial China song "Letter of a General" quite well. Check out the gruesome [...]

The Pragmatist – Three Songs For A Robot Apocalypse

It's coming. The exponential rate at which technological progress keeps happening, according to respected futurist Ray Kurzweil and his kin, points toward an impending Singularity, when artificial intelligence will suddenly exceed the capabilities of its human creators in wildly unpredictable ways. In other words, remember pre-gubernatorial Schwarzenegger? Turns out the underlying plot of Terminator (aside [...]