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ToDo ToDay: Ignite D.C., Alice Walker, and DC Brau

TED talks are a great way to make people feel smart—or justified in their behavior. Instead of improving their social skills, for example, some may watch “The Power of Introverts” and never leave their homes. The local collective Ignite DC offers its own version of a TED conference. For its 10th talk tonight, topics include [...]

Ignite DC: Bite-Size Prescriptions for the Future that Won’t Help You with Zombies

Photo Courtesy of La Tur via Flickr
When it comes down to it, Ignite events are basically TED talks for audiences with severe ADD.
The series started in 2006 in Seattle, and the events allow speakers five minutes and 20 slides each to expound on an idea. Our local arm, Ignite D.C., will make its fifth go [...]

Arts Roundup: The Ignite Life’s Aching Questions Edition

Good morning, everyone. Wednesday calls for rain, but I guess it's quite appropriate. The sky's simply preparing for the next five days of gorgeous weather–for today, think rainboots!
In case you missed it: Darth Vader is getting in the theater business, Howard Theatre renovation goes underway later this summer, eagles won't be gracing Georgetown, "we all [...]