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Music in Review: Idolating Pitchfork in Maura Johnson’s Absence

After reading my critique of Pitchfork’s P2K: The Decade in Music list in City Paper's Music in Review issue, a friend commented that “sometimes I don't know what's more cliché: reading Pitchfork or complaining about Pitchfork.” Reductionist arguments like that are easy swipes, but they speak to the incessant griping, legitimate or [...]

How to Chart Idolator’s Decline: Look at Its Revisions

If you were a fan of the pop music blog Idolator, it's been a disheartening couple of weeks. On Monday, November 9, Maura Johnston—who edited and contributed to the site for more than three years—announced that she would be stepping down, effective immediately. The next morning readers were greeted by her replacements, Robbie Daw and [...]

Arts Morning Roundup: Ron Charles Prevails, Watchmen Sucks, Baseball Cards Are Expensive

Good morning, y'all! Top of the news pile has Maura Johnston leaving Idolator, and Ron Charles, aka, the muscle at Book World, getting his space in the Style section, goddamit. (For those of you who are not ravenously digesting R.C.'s every tweet: He nearly lost his slot in Style due to the insane number of [...]

Maura Johnston Leaves Idolator

Maura Johnston announced today that she's leaving Idolator, the pop music blog she's edited for over three years.
"Just wanted to let you know that today is my last day as editor of Idolator. The site will continue on, and I will continue to write about music, but we’ve decided to part ways," Johnston wrote on [...]

There Will Be Blood: Notes from the Future of Music Coalition’s Journalism Panel

Yesterday, 13 music journalists convened at Georgetown University for the Future of Music Coalition's Policy Summit panel, "Critical Condition: The Future of Music Journalism."
Our ranks included reps from online-only (Scott Plagenhoef of Pitchfork, Maura Johnston of Idolator), old media vets (Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune, Tom Moon of the Philadelphia Inquirer), and some in-betweeners.
While [...]

The Federal Trade Commission Goes After Bloggers, Spares Journos Who Do the Same Thing!

According to GalleyCat, the Federal Trade Commission will fine independent bloggers up to $11,000 if they fail to disclose that they've received a product for free. This means book reviewers who get books for free, music reviewers who get music for free, stroller reviewers who get strollers for free, have to say as much in [...]