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Arts Roundup: There Will Be No More Scum Edition

Plus: a photo exhibit at Nat Geo Museum showcases more than 5,000 captive species.

The World According to Ian Svenonius

In his latest essay collection, Spiv shares his views on NPR, Apple, and more.

Arts Roundup: RIP Ed Walker Edition

Plus: "Spotlight" wins Audience Award at this year's Middleburg Film Festival.

Arts Roundup: Yes They Cannes! Edition

Plus: How D.C.'s musicians have carved a dog-walking life out for themselves.

Listen: The Cornel West Theory, Coming From The Bottom

Experimental hip-hop group The Cornel West Theory put out their first new album in four years.

Photos: Chain and the Gang and Prince Rama @Kennedy Center

More photos here.  Kennedy Center Skate Park, Sept. 13th.

D.C. Bands Lay Out Their Pros and Condos

What do Oddisee, Chain & the Gang, Puff Pieces, and other local music acts think of the D.C. condo craze?

Photos: Chain and The Gang @ Capital Fringe

Chain and The Gang at Capital Fringe, 1358 Florida Ave, NE, May 24th.

WAMA Thinks Kid Congo Powers and Ian Svenonius Are the Same Person

Will "Ian Kid Congo Svenonius" win best pop-rock instrumentalist?

Photos: Chain and the Gang at MLK Library

Chain and the Gang at MLK Library for the Capital Fringe Music in the Library Series,
January 23rd.  © 2015 Matt Dunn
Full Gallery here.