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Don’t Be Bored: Shut Up Little Man!

Describing an event as "pre-Internet" might be obnoxious, but in the case of Matthew Bate's documentary Shut Up Little Man!: An Audio Misadventure, it's a crucial detail. The set up: Two Midwestern guys move to San Francisco in the late 1980s looking for opportunity and adventure. As luck would have it, their fleabag apartment comes [...]

So Tonight’s Hume Show Should Be Interesting

Hume's summer was probably more blissful than yours. The D.C. band left town at the end of May for a country house on a 100-acre property in the village of Argyle, in Upstate New York. They found it on Craiglist. Apparently the price was reasonable; they quit their day jobs.
"We made great creative strides in a [...]

Hume’s Britton Powell Eyes a Less “Agrarian” DIY Scene

Britton Powell isn't feeling great about DIY spaces in D.C. His own venue, Paper Sun in Columbia Heights, has stopped hosting shows because of neighbors' complaints. Hole in the Sky in Eckington stopped throwing concerts after police shut it down in February. Red Door in Mount Vernon Square has eased back its schedule. Powell's not [...]

The Vinyl Countdown: The Cassettes, Screen Vinyl Image, Hume

An irregular roundup of local releases on vinyl.
The Cassettes, "I've Been Gone Far Too Long" 7-inch: The first release from the Northern Virginia steampunkers in two years, this three-song 7-inch is unusually self-aware for the group: "In the last world/we said our words/and now we're here again," sings frontman Shelby Cinca in "I've Been Gone," [...]

New Hume Single: “Inverse Fireworks”

After dropping one of our favorite LPs of 2010, Hume wastes no time in starting the new year off right. Their new single, aptly dubbed "Inverse Fireworks," is a colorful, psychedelic exploration. Where other recent psych-happy rockers, like the much-blogged Tame Impala, go for a totally vintage vibe, Hume picks up the trippy elements of [...]

Weekend Music Roundup: We Are the World Edition

After spending a few weeks down south, I returned to D.C. reminded of how much this city constantly has to offer.  So after quite literally returning from the backwoods to write this weeks' roundup, I felt like I was setting up booths at some high school multi-culti "We Are the World-inspired festival. Granted, not my [...]

Music in Review: The Best Local Songs of 2010, According to Fischer

Here's my most tragic music story of 2010: My external harddrive, containing a huge chunk of my music collection, died a few weeks ago, or so it seems. So it's possible I'm omitting a song or two from this list of my favorite local songs of the year. That's my story and I'm sticking to [...]

Music in Review: Hume’s Penumbra, the Local Album We Should’ve Reviewed

With the possible exception of Bluebrain, I'm fairly sure no D.C. band got more coverage from City Paper this year than Hume. And while we certainly didn't ignore the band's LP-length EP from this fall, Penumbra—its tightest cut, "Grip," was featured in a One Track Mind column in May—I think we erred by not reviewing [...]

The Top 10 Rock ‘n’ Roll Tracks of 2010, According to Ryan Little

Lists are inexplicably difficult yet undeniably crucial for music nerds. We have to sum up the events of the year with numbers and bullet points or our brains melt and our hearts explode. Sad but true. It's been in fashion of late to be more eclectic with lists, including everything from drone-core to bubblegum pop [...]

Recommended Listening: Hume With Two Drummers!

At a house show a couple of weekends ago, D.C. prog-poppers Hume debuted a new iteration of the band with two drum kits, which was a nice, muscular counterpoint to the unhurried atmospherics of the band's recent, excellent Penumbra LP. I was there, I really dug it, and I'm glad that the venue recorded the [...]