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Yo-Yo Ma and Gustavo Dudamel Visit D.C. Today, And You Probably Won’t Get to See Them

... Unless you 1) bought tickets months ago or 2) are a student at Savoy Elementary School.

This morning, superstar cellist and all-around nice guy Yo-Yo Ma came to Savoy Elementary in Anacostia to teach two in-class workshops and give a performance for students. Much like Rancid, Ma sometimes likes to give free surprise gigs at [...]

Tonight in Film: Oliver Stone’s South of the Border

Some people go to the movies to escape into a fantasy world of cheap laughs and romance, while others go to learn about the global impact of violent political atrocities. If you happen to be among the latter, consider checking out Oliver Stone's South of the Border. It's far from balanced, but the film reveals [...]