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The Incredible Shrinking Critic (According to Michael Kaiser)

Whither critics? Michael Kaiser apparently thinks so. The Kennedy Center president, in his latest Huffington Post column, declares that "arts criticism has become a participatory activity rather than a spectator sport." Uh oh, looks like the netizens are out for our jobs!
Or are they? In lamenting what he sees as a decline in top-notch arts [...]

Arts Roundup: Quaffing the Rhone Edition

Obligatory Shit About Yeezy and Hova: Were you at the Verizon Center last night? I wasn't. But WaPo's Chris Richards was, and I'm sure there will be plenty more write-ups before the day is through. So, you know, envy.
This Guy: Huffington Post DC blogger Ben E. Kessler is back with another silly missive about the [...]

Why Huffington Post Is Wrong About the Lincoln Theatre

Huffington Post D.C. contributors have not quite wrapped their heads around the Lincoln Theatre.
Recently, DC Advocates for the Arts chair Robert Bettmann beat a familiar drum on the issue of the theater's still unsolved fiscal crisis: Throw more public money at it. Last week, Eli Lehrer, a vice president of the libertarian think tank Heartland [...]

Arts Roundup: Close, But Not Quite Edition

Getting There: With a handful of works by black women being produced on the big stage this season, Washington Post theater critic Peter Marks posits that right now is "a time of seemingly unprecedented exposure for black female playwrights on Broadway." Some artists he speaks to cautiously agree that the Great White Way does seem more [...]

Arts Roundup: Dance for Arianna Edition

HuffPost Says Move!: D.C. concert crowds don't dance enough, writes Huffington Post DC blogger Ben E. Kessler. Wait, what? Kessler, whose bio page says he works on food safety policy when not trying to incite mosh pits, says that if "shaking dance floors and balconies isn't in the cards for us just yet, there are [...]

Travis Morrison, HuffPo Blogger

You can bet that when he comes to D.C. in January for a handful of shows with the reunited Dismemberment Plan, Travis Morrison will be listening to Miles Davis. Why? Because he's working through the legendary jazz man's reallllllly long discography—just as he's done recently with Bob Dylan, Madonna, Bjork, Led Zep, and a bunch [...]