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Arts Roundup: Freezing Rain for Us, Blizzaster for Everyone Else Edition

At least that's what people in Chicago are calling the transnational snowstorm currently wreaking havoc across two dozen states, Kriston Capps noted last night, proving that there are in fact more creative blizzard nicknames than the stupid Snowpocalypse crap that us East Coasters keep recycling. Seriously, check a New York-based friend's Facebook page; they've got [...]

No News Is Good News? Radio Silence on HR-57

Shortly before HR-57 closed down its 14th Street location in favor of new digs on H Street NE, owner Tony Puesan informed Washington City Paper that "we haven't got an opening date for the new location, but it'll be somewhere in mid-January." The venue's website similarly advertised that "Reopening is set for this coming January [...]

2010: The Year D.C. Jazz Broke

One of these days someone will write a comprehensive history of jazz in the District of Columbia, and 2010 will have a volume all to itself. Or at least a very long chapter. It's simply been a spectacular year for the scene; not always "spectacular" in the positive sense, but momentous and monumental no matter [...]

Jazz Setlist, Dec. 16-22: Christmas out the Jazzhole

Actually, the big jazz-related event of this week is HR-57's final day at its 14th Street location. That happens Saturday night, with the sorta-jazz-I-suppose singer AJay Parham on the schedule for 9 p.m. However, Parham will actually be the host and leader of a closing-down-the-house jam session, so bring your booze and your instruments and [...]

Arts Roundup: Jo Bro! Edition

Our own Michael J. West caught up with HR-57 owner Tony Puesan last night, who said the jazz club would be out of its 14th Street digs on December 18. Puesan estimates that HR-57 will be opening in its new location at 816 H St. NE in mid-January.
Well, that was short-lived. After My Beautiful Dark [...]

HR-57 Owner: “Wherever We Go We’ll Be Just Fine”

After a few attempts — he's a busy man — I finally caught up with HR-57's owner, Tony Puesan, at this week's Wednesday night jam session. As it turns out, this was the second-to-last such session in the club's 14th Street location; it closes on December 18. "We haven't got an opening date for the [...]

Meet the New HR-57

You're looking at the storefront at 816 H St. NE, which, until recently, housed the Fusion Mental Health Clinic. In January, however, it will officially become the new home of HR-57. Or so says this liquor license application, which lists one Alquiades A Puesan—better known as Tony—as the applicant.

Despite the graffiti on the door (and [...]

HR-57’s Move: What Does It Mean?

HR-57’s planned move from 14th Street to the Atlas District made big news this week, with observers agreeing that I’m ignorant/racist for questioning the new location’s accessibility this is a tough break for the strip on 14th Street, but great news for the nascent entertainment corridor on H Street NE. Less discussed, though, is how [...]

HR-57 Is Moving

Update Nov. 24 10:15 AM: Although I had understood a staffer to say Saturday night that HR-57 director Tony Puesan owns the building in which his venue is housed, Capitolbop reports that Puesan sold the building three years ago and is now moving because the current owners have raised the rent too high.
HR-57 Center for [...]

Best of D.C. Is Live, but Whose Taste Is Better: Yours or Ours?

Best of D.C.! What more is there to say?
Well, this: Our annual issue highlighting our—and your—picks for the best the District has to offer is online and in print today. Pick up a copy! Or read it here!
There's no shortage of arts-related goodies therein, and even some overlap between the readers poll and our staff [...]