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Nordic Jazz Festival Boasts Big Acts, Unexpected Sounds

Jazz from the chilly Nordic countries often sounds different not because of the temperature, but because of education: Nordic musicians are so well-versed in the mechanics of jazz, the history of classical music, modern pop music trends, and experimental sounds that many incorporate it all into a distinctive sound that is [...]

FotoWeek Preview!

Forget the inane spelling, FotoWeek DC is a killer event showcasing that arguably most accessible form of visual art–photography, duh–at venues throughout the D.C. metro area. The third annual event officially kicks off tomorrow and ends next Saturday, but tonight, for $45, you can attend the launch party at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Attendees [...]

Nordic Jazz Week Wraps Up

By its broadest definition, Nordic Jazz Week encompasses five nights, including a show tonight at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage. But Wednesday night at the House of Sweden, in which the big draw was Nils Petter Molvær and Arve Henriksen (pictured above), was treated as a closing night of sorts. The omnipresent threat of rain [...]