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Pitchforkast: Hot Chip’s One Life Stand

Welcome to the Pitchforkast. Here, your friendly Pitchforkast team (YFPT) will attempt to predict the Pitchfork rating for albums that have not yet appeared on that Web site. Note: Ratings estimates are arrived at through expert guesswork.

TODAY: Hot Chip, One Life Stand—leaked January 2010; out Feb. 9
YFPT has never liked Hot Chip. I mean, [...]

Leak Proof: Solange, Hot Chip, Yellow Fever, Eels

Solange: "Stillness Is The Move"
First GZA performs with Black Lips, then Jay-Z gets down at a Grizzly Bear show. Whether it was Sasha Frere-Jones or just a bedfellows-by-way-of-declining-sales-figures thing, something finally got hip-hop interested in indie rock. But let's not get all cynical about it, especially when it's getting results like Solange's take on "Stillness [...]