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One of Rik Freeman’s Earliest Murals Will Likely Be Destroyed. Tomorrow, He Gets an Award.

“Artworks that existed before a neighborhood or demographic part of that history.”

The Mold and the Beautiful: How Selin Balci Makes Her Fungal Art

“I feel like I’m a painter, but my paintings are alive.”

You’d Swear It Was Minecraft: Nara Park’s “Parallels” at Honfleur Gallery

Local sculpture artist Nara Park has never played Minecraft, a world-building video game, but viewers of her work always ask if she has. It’s an easy connection to make—the four structures in "Parallels," Park’s exhibition  on display through June 27 at Honfleur Gallery in Anacostia, are made of plastic boxes that look stunningly similar to the [...]

Anacostia Arts Center Expected to Open May 1

Last year, Anacostia residents made one thing very clear to ARCH Development Corporation: They did not want another social service office to open on Good Hope Road SE.
When the nonprofit organization announced in June that it planned to rent the space that formerly housed its training center at 1231 Good Hope Road SE, it attracted [...]

Neighborhood Swatch: Where to See D.C. Issues on Gallery Walls

Exhibits with local ties, now on view or opening soon at D.C. galleries.
"Here Nor There"
Joshua Wade Smith spent two days walking along the train tracks that connect Baltimore and D.C., then filmed himself walking from the train tracks to Hamiltonian Gallery. His show aims to stir thoughts about how repetition and the mundane “can be [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Future of Anacostia’s Creative Class?

ARCH Development, the nonprofit dedicated to bringing an arts-based economy to Anacostia,  is hosting a “social” at Honfleur Gallery that’s part party, part informational session, and part focus group. In theory, those unconvinced that arts spaces can attract more amenities will be won over by ARCH’s charm offense, and those who already cozy up with [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Francofication of Anacostia

The success of the temporary Ward 8 art festival LUMEN8 is owed in part to the support it received from L’Alliance Française, the D.C.-based French cultural center. The Francofication of Anacostia continues with “Le Temps Devant,” a show of portraits by Paris-based photographer Frédéric Nauczyciel. Another L’Alliance jam, the exhibition of vanitas portrait photographs attempts to [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: 9:30 Records and Its “Aggregator,” Foul Swoops, Boring Clooney

This week, I examine the new 9:30 Records, its unusual business model, and what that says about the recording industry. Amrita Khalid talks to Theater J Artistic Director Ari Roth about the company's replacement for the canceled Imagining Madoff—it's another controversial play that happens to involve real-life analogues. For One Track Mind, Ryan Little chats [...]