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The Sleigher: The Caribbean, “What Child Is This”

HO HO WHO: Some of the most highly regarded smart guys in D.C.'s indie-pop underground, The Caribbean. "What Child Is This" is their contribution to the never ending beginning, the free 2011 Christmas compilation by their label, Hometapes.
WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Why, it's a complete reworking of the beloved 19th century English hymn by [...]

Get It Free: The Caribbean, 2000-2008

You know what's really good and won't be available till February? Discontinued Perfume, the new album by D.C. story-poppers The Caribbean—who, the last time we spoke with them, were up to some spooky, immersive, installation-y shit.
The band's label, Hometapes, wants to make sure you're up on your Caribbean by the time the new record drops, [...]