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Homeboy Sandman Will Never Be on the Radio, and He’s Fine With That

I don't know why I keep playing this new Homeboy Sandman track. It's called "Atlantis" and it isn't overly awesome. The beat, produced by Blu, sounds like an old loop from the Police, so you might get funny looks if you blast it from the car.
But the song is just—dope.
It's catchy as hell and I [...]

Listen: MindsOne & Kev Brown, feat. Homeboy Sandman, “Pop”

Let's stop for a second to acknowledge the greatness of Homeboy Sandman. This guy can just rap, and it doesn't matter what he's talking about: "When I'm flyin', FEMA security always wanna gimme the pat down/Me, I be the opposite, I can't put the pad down."
The rhyme isn't overly technical, but it sounds great on "Pop," [...]

DMV Beats: McNugget Raps, Cocaine Ready, Homeboy Sandman, Chris Barz, and Marcus D.

The McNugget as a Trope
Last week we gave a shout out to Chi Chi Monet, the 9-year-old girl who, while rapping about childhood obesity, made a reference to giving up Big Macs because of their caloric content. I questioned whether any 9-year-old would actually choose a Big Mac over McNuggets; one of my City Paper [...]