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Reviewed: “Traces of Memory” at the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery

In “Traces of Memory,” a photographer and a historian collaborate on an elegy to a once-thriving Jewish community and its destruction during the Holocaust. The late British photojournalist Chris Schwarz and professor Jonathan Weber of the University of Birmingham spent 12 years documenting Galicia, a region on the border of Poland and Ukraine. The exhibit, [...]

A Film Unfinished Director Yael Hersonski: “I Don’t Think We Understand Anything”

Memory is malleable. A collective memory of events that we haven't experienced ourselves is potentially subject to powerful distortions. Israeli director Yael Hersonski is deeply concerned with this, and her new documentary, A Film Unfinished, sheds new light on old footage, providing more framework for familiar pictures of the Warsaw ghetto. It is a movie [...]