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In It Together Fest Announces Its Main Showcase Lineup

The DIY festival's St. Stephen's show will feature Cayetana, Makeshift Shelters, and Jail Solidarity.

Smoke on the Roof of Hole In the Sky in Laughing Man’s New Video for “Brilliant Colors”

What’s more punk rock than skateboarding to Dean & Deluca for some artisanal Sicilian grapefruit jam?

The Inaugural In It Together Fest’s DIY Lineup

"Do It Yourself" is a time-tested ethos that has borne much principled, underground art and activism, but sometimes, it takes a village to raise a music scene—and a collaborative network can support more creativity than any lone actor ever could. That's the spirit behind the inaugural In It Together Fest, a four-day music and art festival that will bring together [...]

National Poster Retrospecticus Comes to Hole in the Sky

It's time to up your poster game, Washingtonians. Sure, that glossy Ferris Bueller's Day Off tribute looked cute on the walls of your dorm, but it has no place in the apartment of a discerning adult. Luckily, the National Poster Retrospecticus will visit D.C. tonight to help you out.
The Boston-based organization tours the U.S. with a display of hundreds of screen-prints by renowned [...]

One-Hour Magazine Needs Your Help—Briefly

Magazines are supposed to be products of great labor and consideration. But while its name may suggest something slapdash, One-Hour Magazine isn't sloppy at all. "In the same way that a haiku will encourage you to fit the rules, hopefully [you’ll] wind up trying new things as a result of the time constraint that we’re imposing," [...]

A Tale of Two Warehouses: Life in Eckington Is Harder for a Go-Go Space Than a Punk Venue

The hardcore band Sick Fix’s last show was a disaster.
On Feb. 16, the group was booked along with four other bands at Hole in the Sky, an Eckington group house and show space that’s become a fixture of the local punk circuit. Toward the end of Sick Fix’s set, police showed up, and when the [...]