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Strike Two for Melissa Chiu?

The Hirshhorn director hired a curator with a big conflict of interest and will hold the museum's 40th-anniversary gala in New York, not D.C.

A Brief History of D.C. Museums’ Crowdfunding Attempts

The Hirshhorn's Ai Weiwei show only raised $555 of its $35,000 goal.

Lisa Gold Leaves Washington Project for the Arts for the Hirshhorn

In a newly created role, director of public engagement, Gold will help integrate the museum into the local arts scene.

Four New Public Art Pieces in D.C.

A timeline of Paul Robesons life, a symbol of "Hipster Fascism," another tribute to Duke Ellington, and deer frolicking in the city

Does the Hirshhorn Have Windows? The Museum Debates the New York Times

There are either 331 windows or four, depending on how you count.

Local Arts Institutions Make Funnies for April Fools’ Day

But they can't fool us!

Tallying the D.C. Art Scene’s Recent Wins and Losses

Yays for Capital Fringe and the Monroe Street Arts Walk, nays for the Hirshhorn Bubble and the Corcoran

Zola Jesus On Why the Hirshhorn is the Perfect Music Venue

"I’m not trained in visual arts; I’m not trained in dance. I’m not trained in anything else is the thing that comes most naturally to me. It’s the nucleus."

Robert Irwin’s Future Hirshhorn Scrim is Tested for Wind Resistance in California

On Sunday, San Luis Obispo, California's Tribune reported that artist Robert Irwin and his assistant, Jeff Jamieson, are preparing for a site-specific scrim installation at the Hirshhorn in 2015.
"Right now it is a proposed site-conditioned project," confirms Glenn Dixon, public information officer at the Hirshhorn (and former WCP staffer). The scrim is intended to be placed under the drum [...]

The Best D.C. Photography Exhibits of 2013

If you wanted to see good photography in D.C. in 2013, you had lots of options. Sweeping historical surveys? Sure. Tech-forward experiments? Yep. Landscapes, scientific images, personal explorations? Check, check, and check. Here, in descending order, are my picks for the best photographic exhibits in the Washington area this year.

1. “Black Box: Gerco de Ruijter” [...]