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We Haven’t Decided if Chris McDonald Can Rap, but We’re Pretty Sure He Can Act

I'll freely admit that I didn't hear about Chris McDonald until today. Thank you, DC Mumbo Sauce. The basics: McDonald is a Maryland rapper and he's made lots of songs. We've mentioned him once on Arts Desk, and the post was more about Judah.
But let's get to the meat of the matter: McDonald's new promo [...]

Download: Garvey’s Wheel of Fortune Mixtape

Wale isn't the only D.C. rapper who released a mixtape last week. Garvey "The Chosen One" dropped his Wheel of Fortune—a game-show-inspired mix that starts off with a sample from the eponymous show's classic theme music. It's a mixtape full of firey verses like "I'm filling all you MCs with embalming fluid," over instrumental tracks [...]

Two Questions About Gucci Mane’s Upcoming Show at DC Star

He is probably "the most popular street rapper in D.C." But we know how these superstar-in-a-nightclub shows go. So, we ask:
1. Will Gucci appear onstage before 2 in the morning?
2. Will Gucci perform for more than 20 minutes?
Well, at least Backyard, TOB, and Reaction will be makin' the go-go music, too.

This Week in Music: X.O., Numero Group, Roland White

In this week's One Track Mind, Andrew Noz takes a look at X.O.'s "I Got Doe" off of his forthcoming album Capitalism. The song integrates the city's go-go roots with raw, synth-heavy beats while X.O. spits about hood credibility and government corruption. The song invokes hip-hop's classic materialism, but X.O. pulls a bait and switch, [...]

Photos: Jay-Z @ Verizon Center

About three songs into the performance last night, a fan somehow got onstage—"I don't know where the hell he came from," a Verizon Center staffer said afterward—and rushed Jay-Z, before being unceremoniously thrown off the high stage by a bodyguard (he was shaken up, but fine). If you're looking for photos of that excitement, they're [...]

Photos: Black Eyed Peas @ Verizon Center

I'll never be able to forgive the Black Eyed Peas for inflicting "My Humps" on the world, but they sure put on a pretty fun show. More photo evidence after the jump and at the full gallery.

Photos: DCypher Dance @ Jack Guidone Theater

Despite the weather, Joy of Motion DC's resident hip-hop dance company, DCypher, along with youth hip-hop companies Urban Impact and Groove Elements, sold out two shows this past weekend at the Jack Guidone Theater in Friendship Heights. Check out some photos from Saturday night's show after the jump, and a ton more at the full gallery.

Photos: Anti-Pop Consortium @ Rock & Roll Hotel

Experimental hip-hoppers Anti-Pop Consortium were at their incomprehensible best at Rock & Roll Hotel this Saturday, performing a set heavy on tunes from their recent reunion album, Fluorescent Black. It was a welcome return to form for a group that has seen its individual members involved in a huge number of side projects after APC's [...]

Dalek – Gutter Tactics: Change? What Change?

Everyone's favorite hip-hop group for shoegazers, Dälek, released their latest album, Gutter Tactics, yesterday, and they're not messing around. Gutter Tactics opens with a fiery sermon from Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and then the second track contains the lines: "A black president don't ensure the sunshine/A rich president represent his own kind/As it stands now, the [...]