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De La Soul Heckled Me From the Stage for Taking Photos

De La Soul has always been on my top 10 favorite groups, ever since my freshman year of college, when my friend Gloria from the South Bronx played 3 Feet High and Rising for me. I was instantly won over by the group's wit, intensity, clever wordplay, and creativity. Chuck D and Public Enemy taught me about life, Grandmaster Flash taught me [...]

Photos: Dessa @ Rock & Roll Hotel

Last night's show by Minnesota indie hip-hop luminary Dessa was one of the more improbable shows in recent memory. Dessa was sick, for one thing, to the point of nearly passing out during the show and needing to take a one-song "inhaler break." Also, a few days ago, her band's gear was stolen after a [...]

Head-Roc’s Mouth: Should DMV Musicians Pay $1,000 to Open a Show? Absolutely Not.

An occasional feature in which esteemed D.C. rapper Head-Roc shares what’s on his mind.
Last week, I got a text message from a well-known local hip-hop promoter. It said:  "I’m looking for a rapper or producer interesting in opening up for [a well-known local artist] at LIV [in April]. Connect me if you know someone who’d [...]

Look Out for Kane Mayfield’s Thievery Corporation Mixtape

Few rappers get more out of Twitter than Kane Mayfield, who combines the usual self-promotion with well-measured personal openness and a general tone of intellectual curiosity. (He's also delightfully stoopid on a regular basis.) If the Baltimore MC existed only on social media, it would still be a net gain for society. Dude actually does [...]

Grap Luva on the Death of Heavy D

D.C.-based rapper/producer Gregory "Grap Luva" Phillips grew up around hip-hop royalty in New York, and is probably best known for his appearances on 1992's Mecca And The Soul Brother, by Pete Rock (Grap's actual brother) and C.L. Smooth. (That's Grap at the beginning of "On And On.") We had a hunch that he'd want to [...]

Busta Rhymes Has Earned This Détente

I've been categorically dismissing Busta Rhymes for nearly two decades, but my stamina is finally shot: I hereby endorse his jabberjawing on "Look At Me Now," the new Chris Brown single that also features Lil Wayne. Busta doesn't say shit, but his syllables have uncommon euphony, and I can picture 'em flitting across a musical [...]

Kane Mayfield Provides Your Monthly Dose of Boom-Bap

The bio says Kane Mayfield "penned his first lyrics to a Wu Tang Clan instrumental set on loop." He's New York-reared and Baltimore-seasoned. Those facts pretty much explain "Wreck," his new single, which is nice:

ADDENDUM: Mayfield confirms that the guy with the black eye in the picture is Mitch "Blood" Green.

A Brief Note in Advance of EPMD’s Performance at Liv

On this oh-so-cold day, I note that old-school hip-hop literalism may have reached its apotheosis with EPMD's "You Gots to Chill," a 1988 video that featured a leitmotif of actual cold things, just in case all those Yo! MTV Raps viewers thought "chill" was one of those hip-hop slang words that meant something different than [...]

Earl Sweatshirt: You’re on Your Own with This One

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
This Earl Sweatshirt video is too fucked up to be pilin' up the YouTube views, and because it's under 100K in the hit column, I'm gonna assume that a lot of you haven't seen it. And I'll suggest that many of you probably should [...]

Proof That Rick Ross Knows He’s Full of Shit?

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Rick Ross' single "Blowin' Money Fast" is emphatic but tiresome. It also seems inescapable on WKYS and WPGC. After numerous captive listens in the car, I am qualified to analyze it and identify its most serious flaw.
"I think I'm Big Meech, Larry Hoover," Ross [...]