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Tonight: Riot Grrrl Meets Contemporary Classical Music at Hillyer

What do riot grrrl and classical music have in common? Not much, right? Local documentary film producers Meridian Hill Pictures seem to think otherwise. Tonight, they are hosting a paired screening of two short films: Grrrl Love and Revolution: Riot Grrrl NYC and R. Luke DuBois: Running out of Time, at the Hillyer Art Space, [...]

Reviewed: David Myers and Elizabeth Holtry at Hillyer Art Space

Simultaneous exhibits at Hillyer Art Space—photographs by David Myers and paintings by Elizabeth Holtry—explore the relationship between animals and humans, for the most part fruitfully. Myers, whose day job is serving as CEO of the American Institutes for Research, a prominent scientific outfit in Washington, traveled to zoos and aquariums to photograph animals in their [...]

Vitamin A: Elizabeth Holtry’s “Would You Like to Hear…”

In which our art critics highlight a favorite work on view in a local gallery. Click to enlarge!
Like the rest of her works now on view at Hillyer Art Space, Elizabeth Holtry’s painting “Would You Like to Hear…” mimics the style of toile de jouy, an 18th century French fabric decorated with pastoral scenes, but featuring creatures [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Annie Leibovitz at P&P

Late but essential!
You may have a set of images that come to mind when someone says “Annie Leibovitz.” Those probably include celebrities in various stages of undress, but so expressive and artfully staged that their famous identities slip away. Leibovitz’s new collection, Pilgrimage, is a dramatic departure, and yet not: These scenes have no people, but [...]

Reviewed: Keith Lane at Hillyer Art Space

Maybe I’ve managed to miss it, but I find it somewhat surprising that we haven’t seen more iPhone photography move into art galleries. Keith Lane’s project, “iwishyouwerehere,” provides one early effort that offers both the promise and the pitfalls of smartphone projects. Lane made dozens and dozens of images from his daily life on his [...]

Reviewed: David Emerick and James Matthew Crooks at Hillyer Art Space

Just when Americans are beginning to demand their movies in 3-D, photographers David Emerick and James Matthew Crooks remain stubbornly fixated on life in two dimensions. Emerick, the director of new media at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, photographs the largely unadorned side walls of big box stores and warehouses. Unfortunately, the spaces' very anonymity—and their [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Bastille Day!

Music enthusiasts of a certain stripe—those old enough to remember the halcyon days of ’90s indie rock—are always eager to hear the latest from legendary guitarist and producer J. Robbins, who cut his teeth in seminal D.C. bands like Jawbox and Government Issue. What cannot be taken for granted, however, is that Robbins, now in [...]

Arts Roundup: Uncapped Recap Edition

Popped: Brightest Young Things' temporary art space, vitaminwater uncapped LIVE, is closing tonight, and I'm glad I don't have to worry about typing out its name correctly ever again. Tonight's bash has DJs in three different areas of the massive, labyrinthine space, including the Nouveau Riche dudes and Cam Jus, who carries the moombahton standard [...]

FotoWeek: “imMigration” at Hillyer Art Space

The images in “imMigration” were made by photographers from nine Central and South American nations as well as Spain and Portugal. Their quality is uniformly high, and the themes in this collection of photographs about migration and immigration are remarkably coherent, unified by the notion of displacement and disjointedness. Ari Espay of Chile photographs two [...]

FotoWeek Preview!

Forget the inane spelling, FotoWeek DC is a killer event showcasing that arguably most accessible form of visual art–photography, duh–at venues throughout the D.C. metro area. The third annual event officially kicks off tomorrow and ends next Saturday, but tonight, for $45, you can attend the launch party at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Attendees [...]