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At Hillyer Art Space, All Photographs Are a Stage

The three photographers currently on view are notable for their deliberate images, which doesn't leave a lot of room for spontaneity.

The Top Five Photos Shown in D.C. This Year

All but one, an unforgettable creation in color, are rendered in shades of glorious gray.

Photos of Icebergs and Demolition Derbies at Hillyer Art Space

The stars here are the cars, in all their dented and rough, hand-painted glory.

Rachel Schmidt’s Eccentric Urban Vision at Hillyer Art Space

Masked characters wander among apartment buildings, mosques, and a supersized can of kale.

The Best D.C. Photography Exhibits of 2013

If you wanted to see good photography in D.C. in 2013, you had lots of options. Sweeping historical surveys? Sure. Tech-forward experiments? Yep. Landscapes, scientific images, personal explorations? Check, check, and check. Here, in descending order, are my picks for the best photographic exhibits in the Washington area this year.

1. “Black Box: Gerco de Ruijter” [...]

FotoWeek D.C.: D.B. Stovall at Hillyer Art Space, Reviewed

D.C. native D.B. Stovall gets unnecessarily defensive about his photography of vintage and aging architecture. “Calling it ‘old buildings,’” he writes in the wall text of his new exhibit at Hillyer Art Space, “is selling it far too short.”
But Stovall needn’t worry. While many photographers have made images of “old buildings,” from Walker Evans to [...]

Reviewed: Lara Bandilla, Melanie Kehoss, and Millennium Arts Salon at Hillyer Art Space

This month, Hillyer Art Space is shoehorning a trio of wildly divergent exhibits into its three galleries.

Arts Roundup: D.C.’s Deep Insecurities Edition

Former City Paper staffer Mark Athitakis takes issue with the Washington Post's recent list of Washington books, saying it finds Jonathan Yardley overexerting himself to justify D.C.'s existence as a city, not just a literary hub [The New Republic]
Another chapter in the history of Adams Morgan's Knickerbocker Theatre, which collapsed after a snowstorm in 1922 [...]

Never Change, Transformer: Logan Circle’s Tiniest Gallery Toasts to 10 Years of Hard-to-Sell Art

When Transformer marks its 10th anniversary this Friday, some of D.C.’s best artists will be among the revelers. And so will some of its worst.
That’s the way it should be. The art organization’s annual silent art auction has for nearly a decade served as an informal art prom, where artists, dealers, and collectors—with and without gallery [...]

Reviewed: Christina King, Daniela Mastrangelo and Leah Appel at Hillyer Art Space

Just in time for FotoWeek, Hillyer Art Space features not one but three simultaneous photography shows.
Christina King, having become “afraid” of photographing people a few years ago, worked through her issues by experimenting with cutting individuals out of her prints with an Xacto knife, then using decorative paper to fill the voids (bottom). While the [...]