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Arts Roundup: Workbook Edition

NSO conductor Christoph Eschenbach takes home a Grammy for "best classical compendium." [Post, New York Times]
Baltimore native Maysa on her Grammy nomination [Post]
Max Roach records go to Library of Congress. [AP]
Bob Mould will play Workbook in its entirety at 9:30 Club in March. [9:30 Club]
Mt. Pleasant library evacuated. [PoPville]
Weather delays The Best Man at Keegan Theatre. [Arts [...]

Herblock: The Black & the White Will Show at 2013 AFI Docs

Yet another film with a Washington Post connection will get a special showing at this year's AFI Docs (formerly Silverdocs): Today the festival announced that Herblock: The Black & the White, a biography of longtime Post editorial cartoonist Herb Block, will have its D.C. premiere at this year's gala at the Newseum. A date has [...]

Reviewed: “Donkeys & Elephants” at Studio Gallery

Considering how much the practice of politics—and the media—has changed over the years, it’s something of a surprise to realize how resilient the art of political cartooning has been. The Studio Gallery is mounting a “celebration” of American political cartoons, which proves to be a sprawling, occasionally inspired, but slightly scattershot endeavor.
The exhibit's strength comes [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Mike Flugennock

Mike Flugennock is a born-and-raised D.C. cartoonist who works in a field that was just labeled extinct by Civil War cartoon historians at the Newseum on Thursday. Flugennock does political poster cartoons. You may have already seen his work around town—our local anarchist cartoonist provides his work for free to be carried by demonstrators or [...]

How to Zip through “Herblock!” in 10 Minutes, Make that Meeting on the Hill

If you spend time on Capital Hill, odds are your days are pretty busy. Trust us, we understand, but your packed schedule shouldn't prevent you from checking out the "Herblock!" exhibit at the Library of Congress—especially if you're in, or even interested in, the business of governing. Use our handy guide to the latest exhibit [...]

In the Esophagus of the Beast: Introducing Comics Blogger Mike Rhode

Much to my surprise, I was recently asked to write on comic art for Washington City Paper. My previous contact with the paper, beyond being a regular reader of it since the mid-1980s, was through my ComicsDC blog. At that site since 2006, I've tried to keep up with aspects of comic art in the [...]