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Folger Theatre’s Henry V, Reviewed

The Chorus' famous apology—"this unworthy scaffold," he calls the stage in his opening speech—provides the organizing principle of Robert Richmond's lean, consciously theatrical staging of Henry V at the Folger Theatre. That, and a sober sense of the price of power; Zach Appelman's charismatic young Henry grows up and sobers up convincingly before the audience's [...]

This Week in Theater: Richard II and Henry V

Actor Michael Hayden is two for two in Shakespeare Theatre Company's "Leadership Repertory" productions of Richard II and Henry V. Richard relies more on serious moments among the actors, while Henry is a bit more light-hearted—while still touching on the necessary dramatic moments. Presenting both plays at the same theater with much the same cast [...]

Snowpocalypse Now, Redux: Tonight’s Goings-On and Cancelations

Believe it or not, there's some culture going on tonight—that is, if you can get to it. If not? Put on a show! Totally simple: 1) Finish that one-act you've been working on (y'know, the one about the one-armed tightrope-walker); 2) cast your kids/roommates/visiting relatives in the bit parts; 3) obviously take the lead yourself; [...]