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Arts Roundup: Scary Henry Rollins Edition

Seth Hurwitz and Co. might be interested in running a music venue at The Wharf in Southwest [Washington Business Journal]
The National Museum of African American History and Culture breaks ground today [Washington Post]
Red is Arena Stage's highest-grossing nonmusical production [Washington Post]
In a 2005 interview, Henry Rollins dishes on his USO tour, Ian Mackaye, and his anger at George [...]

Why Slate Is Wrong About D.C.

On Wednesday, Slate published a piece by Matthew Yglesias about why D.C. is, essentially, a terrible place for young, creative people to live.
The article has since flown about social media, causing many a sad emoticon and, apparently, excessive vomiting. The jab is all the more painful because there is some truth to it–D.C. is [...]

Arts Roundup: Love Cubed Edition

Bureau of Awesome: WaPo's Megan Buerger hits up Saturday's Artisphere party, where she declares Volta Bureau's live debut a success. The group features local DJ-producers Will Eastman, Outputmessage, and Micah Vellian. Extra props to the vocals, courtesy of Outputmessage (aka Bernard Farley). Buerger writes: "Toward the beginning, Farley’s digitally teased voice was so soft — a [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Trans Am, Dick Gregory

Can an LP-length joke be considered a classic? Trans Am got more serious and more sinister following its recently reissued 1999 album Futureworld, but it’s hard to think of an example from their discography more worthy of being performed in full. The album more or less does to the futurism of ’70s Krautpop what Mad Men does [...]

People Are Really Pumped About This Lucian Perkins Book

Which is to say: It's pretty impressive that this Kickstarter campaign, for an upcoming exhibition and book of Lucian Perkins' photographs of early D.C. punk shows, has raised more than $5,000 of its $7,000 goal in one day.
The book and travelling exhibition is called HARD ART DC 1979, and it features photographs from the year the future [...]

Henry Rollins (Still) Likes Fort Reno

For last week's cover story, I talked to a lot of people about their experiences at Fort Reno. Henry Rollins was among them, offering a brief but honest recollection of his time watching The Evens play there. In his most recent column at LA Weekly, which is quite appropriately over-the-fucking-top, he recounts the last Fort [...]

Henry Rollins Is a Fucking Columnist

Washington's favorite rage-fueled polymath—and really, is there a better kind of polymath?—Henry Rollins has been on the road with Dinosaur Jr. as the band revisits Bug, with Rollins serving as on-stage interviewer as the band dives into the history behind the wonderfully scuzzy 1988 album. Rollins, the singer-storyteller-actor-DJ-television host, is also a contributor to LA Weekly, [...]

Photos: Dinosaur Jr. Plays Bug at 9:30 Club

Dinosaur Jr. played the whole of their 1988 album Bug at the 9:30 Club Saturday night. They had one opening act—the Keith Morris-fronted OFF!—but they also opened for themselves, sitting on stools while fellow '80s hero Henry Rollins interviewed them about Bug and the events that surrounded it. It was a powerful evening, from the size [...]

Saturday: Dinosaur Jr. and Henry Rollins Dissect Bug at 9:30 Club

Bug is the last record you'd expect Dinosaur Jr. to dissect on stage. The seminal indie rock band's original lineup broke up during the 1988 album's supporting tour—a split that lasted until 2005 when the band reformed on good-enough terms. The resurrected partnership has toured and produced two strong albums, and now the group is exhuming Bug, [...]

The Anger of Human Kindness: A Conversation With Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins has fronted bands like Black Flag and written books like Get in the Van and acted in movies like Lost Highway and TV shows like Sons of Anarchy. But to many of us who count ourselves among his admirers, the autobiographical monologues he’s performed for more than 25 years are the Rollins project [...]