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ToDo ToDay: Hedda Gabler! Free Meals at Cava! The Skatalites!

A lot of the art coming out of frigid Scandinavia is new and hot. Yet the most recognizable name in the Kennedy Center’s Nordic Cool festival is probably that of Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen, and the most recognizable work his play Hedda Gabler. In 1889, the tragedy about a female protagonist who becomes increasingly unsatisfied with [...]

Scena Theatre’s Hedda Gabler, Reviewed

Hedda Gabler would never be caught dead wearing a hair scrunchie. Even if Henrik Ibsen had written his seminal drama in 1989 instead of 1889, his fastidious, fashion-conscious protagonist would not hastily twist her hair back with a tacky, fabric-covered elastic.
Yet a scrunchie is just what Hedda wears in Scena Theatre’s production of Ibsen’s parlor [...]