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Arts Roundup: Heavy Metal Parking Lot Edition

Plus: Scenes from the final Bohemian Caverns show.

Led Zeppelin Played Here Is Playing Here

Heavy Metal Parking Lot filmmaker Jeff Krulik has been working on his latest documentary, Led Zeppelin Played Here, for almost five years. But he's been showing it—or trying to—for nearly half that time.
Krulik thought he'd found the perfect screening opportunity at the 2011 Zep Fest at National Harbor. He intended to show an early cut [...]

Heavy Metal Picnic, Coming to a DVD Player Near You

Everybody remembers Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Jeff Krulik's seminal rock documentary about tailgaters outside a Judas Priest concert at the Capital Centre in 1986. But most probably haven't seen Heavy Metal Picnic.
Krulik's other documentary about an outdoor heavy metal concert in suburban Maryland premiered in 2010, years after metalhead Randy Childs initially gave him footage he shot [...]

Heavy Metal Submission Process

Heavy Metal Picnic was supposed to be Jeff Krulik's big break. The documentary filmmaker behind the cult smash Heavy Metal Parking Lot has made every kind of documentary over the course of two decades. But he hasn't made anything with as big a place in the zeitgeist as the impromptu footage he and John Heyn [...]

The Top Three Moments Inspired by Heavy Metal Parking Lot

As you may have heard, tonight the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring is hosting a 25th anniversary screening of Jeff Krulik and John Heyn's Heavy Metal Parking Lot. The film has taken a long, roundabout route to the big screen: Though it was shot in 1986, the cult classic mostly circulated as a bootleg until [...]

Tonight at AFI Silver: Jeff Krulik’s Heavy Metal Picnic

"I have run to the theater with the film in my hands before," documentary filmmaker Jeff Krulik told me last month while we reviewed clips of his forthcoming movie, Heavy Metal Picnic. "We could that this time. I don't know."
If you're heading to AFI Silver tonight at 9:30 p.m. to catch [...]

Led Zeppelin at the Wheaton Community Center Saturday (sort of)

Fascinated with DC rock music history, filmmaker Jeff Krulik, best known for producing  "Heavy Metal Parking Lot," with John Heyn, will be working on a documentary in progress Saturday afternoon at the Wheaton Community Center entitled "Led Zeppelin Was Here."   Krulik (conflict of interest note-I first met when we we were young lads in Bowie, MD)  after finding out that  [...]