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Ballston’s Public-Art Docket: Disruption! Innovation! Apps Galore!

In today’s post-modern tech world, there are no new ideas. Start-ups are judged by the standards of what came before: It’s like Uber, but for gluten-intolerant babies! It’s like AirBnB mated with NextBus! It’s a Snapchat-Spotify swirlie!
While Ballston may be a few hoodies and several trillion dollars short of Silicon Valley, the brotastic Virginia outpost [...]

Comparing Notes: Two Critics Confer on “Fermata,” Artisphere’s Aural Exhibition

In musical notation, a fermata is a symbol used to indicate when a note or rest should be sustained. It’s usually used over rest notes to indicate a grand pause. That’s not the imagery that most curators try to summon with summer exhibits.
But “Fermata,” an ambitious new exhibit on view through August 10 at Artisphere, [...]

Is It Sound Art, or Is It Music? “Fermata” Doesn’t Care

If you’re tired of getting shushed in the stern, silent halls of traditional art venues, here’s some good news: When Artisphere unveils its newest exhibit today, it might become the loudest gallery in town.
Brothers Ryan and Hays Holladay, the experimental-pop artists of Bluebrain (you might have downloaded one of their GPS-powered music apps or blasted [...]

Listen: Bluebrain’s Hays Holladay Records 14 D.C. Acts for Rainbow Arcade

Earlier this year, Bluebrain member Hays Holladay decided to shut down Iguazu Sound, the Arlington recording studio he'd operated since 2010. Before he locked up for the last time, Holladay put out a call to local bands interested in recording a single song in three hours. "The goal is to come up with unexpected results utilizing all [...]

Hays Holladay Just Might Record Your Song for Free

Given Bluebrain's proclivity for free one-off events, no one would ever accuse the experimental-pop duo of not giving back. But members Hays and Ryan Holladay also have day jobs, the kind that pay—which is, you know, kind of important when you give away much of your art gratis.
This month, however, Hays will be handing out some [...]

Bluebrain Plans Its Final Boombox Walk

2011 was the year that Bluebrain, thanks to its much-buzzed album-app projects, became one of D.C.'s most notable musical exports, but you could say that everything started for the band with a more primitive technology: the boombox. In September 2009, the experimental pop group inaugurated its intriguing series of one-off musical experiments with "Cakeblood," a [...]

iPhone 5 Is Out Today, and So Is Bluebrain’s Central Park App

For the second time this year, D.C. experimental-pop duo Bluebrain has released a "location-aware album"—an app that uses the iPhone's GPS function to create a dynamic work of music that changes as you walk around a predetermined space. Back in March, the band created music for the National Mall. The app released today, Listen to [...]

Bluebrain’s Hays Holladay Releases a Solo LP

Hays Holladay, one-half of  electro-pop wunderkinds Bluebrain, released his first solo album, Life Swap, as a free download today. The eight-track LP, which Holladay began recording last year between various Bluebrain projects, is mellower and maybe a bit more sprawling than Bluebrain's output. Holladay's blend of synths, drum machines, and looping software have created a [...]

Follow WCP on Tumblr, Get Local MP3s

If you didn't see it, Washington City Paper is now a-tumblin'. Why should you care? Well, for starters, I'll be posting an mp3 by a local act on our Tumblr every weekday. Some you'll recognize from our site, like Hays Holladay's "It's a Boy" from yesterday, and a hot Munchi track from the day before. [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Dismemberment Plan, Laughing Man, Marcus, and Magic

Aaron Leitko leads off this week's arts section with his look back at the making of Emergency & I, The Dismemberment Plan's classic, recently reissued 1999 album. Ryan Little reviews the debut album of D.C.'s Laughing Man, while Steve Kolowich checks out the latest Decemberists full-length. In theater, Trey Graham reviews Studio Theatre's Marcus; or [...]