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The Sleigher: The Killers, “Christmas in L.A.”

HO HO WHO: The Killers return again to Christmas singles, with assists from Dawes and sad sack Owen Wilson.
CHRISTMAS CRAPPIN': This is The Killers' seventh round of Christmas singles for Bono's (RED) campaign, and they sound about as sick of it as their hapless actor-narrator is of his city. As the band turns the ostensibly holiday-themed single [...]

Sunday: Wooden Shjips @ The Red and the Black

This Sunday Wooden Shjips will perform their first ever D.C. gig at the Red and the Black. And I'm at a loss for words–mostly because I've typed them all already. Well, all of the hippy-dippy ones, at least. Looking back at these two reviews (1,2), I realize that I've pretty much burned through my [...]

Tuesday Rock City: Wooden Shjips

Wooden Shjips: Dos (Holy Mountain)
Everything is groovy on Wooden Shjips sophomore record, Dos. Everything. From the slap-happy band portraits that adorn the cover to the title itself, which was surely chosen under the warm purple glow of a black light. And the music, defiantly groovy. The five languid psych-rock jams are so steeped in stoner [...]