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Avant Songster: A Chat With Harris Eisenstadt

Torontoan jazz drummer Harris Eisenstadt is a prolific leader and composer—but almost everything you hear from him is in a completely different musical context from what you heard last. Or at least that's the way it sounds at first. Whether he's doing free jazz, chamber music, or African folk, Eisenstadt says he consistently takes the [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 31-April 6: Canada Day Comes Early

Friday, April 1
Night of the Cookers. The Modern Jazz Giants. The Bebop All-Stars. One of those big hyperbolic album titles should by rights be hung around the necks of the cast of characters D.C. jazz patriarch Paul Carr has assembled for the weekend. In truth, Carr, born and bred in the "Texas Tenor" tradition of [...]

New Atlantis Collective Launches Record Label

While talking at last night's D.C. Jazz Loft to guitarist Ed Ricart, half of Matta Gawa and core member of the New Atlantis Collective, he mentioned that the collective is about to inaugurate its own record label.
New Atlantis Records is dedicated to "improvised music from the U.S. mid-Atlantic, and Europe as well," says Ricart. "We're [...]