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No Man’s Land at WSC Avant Bard, Reviewed

Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land is a 38-year-old Rubik’s Cube covered in Rorschach blots, a confounding examination of memory and masculinity that resists easy interpretation like an Aikido master shrugging off an unwanted bear hug. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart—Magneto and Professor X themselves!—are set to appear opposite each other in the play’s two main [...]

Broadway’s Spider-Man Upsets Shakespeare Theatre Co. Season, Pinter Swoops to Rescue

If the Shakespeare Theatre Company had a spider-sense, would it have tingled at the approach of this news?
The fourth play in its 2010-2011 season would have been Luigi Pirandello's Enrico IV—the troupe chose it with the New York-based actor Patrick Page in mind. Then, Alan Cummings dropped out of Julie Taymor's blockbuster Broadway musical Spider-Man, [...]