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On Empire Falls, SmCity Debunks Local Rap Myths

"Wanna know the music bidness biggest challenge? Nobody gives a fuck about a nigga's talent."

DMV Beats: Harmony Muzik’s Psychosexual Cinema

Killin' It With a Skillet
Fellas. Whatever menace you can muster pales in comparison to the darkness Harmony Muzik is projecting in this "Taerkey Bacon" video. She extracts more dread from a drippy bottle of red nail polish than all the post-adolescent males in hip-hop have collectively generated in 2013 via mean mugs, vacant-eyed stares, and [...]

Listen: Harmony Muzik, “Hiyaku”

There's no denying Harmony Muzik's work ethic: When she isn't crafting her own glossy blend of pop and rap, she compiles DMV-based showcases for her peers at out-of-town music festivals.
Yet as she made business moves, it seemed the Northern Virginia singer/rapper was still searching for her sound. Her debut album, 2010's The Masquerade, reached for mainstream [...]

Harmony Muzik’s Concert-as-Networking-Event

Musicians don't see many major-label talent scouts in the DMV. Local stations don't seem to have too much interest in area artists. But there is plenty of great musical talent in D.C., and Harmony Muzik wants the world to know it. "I think we are a model for the independent movement," says the Virginia-based singer. "People need [...]

Sunday: “DMV Helps Haiti” Benefit Concert, One Year Later

One year ago, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti, killing more than 230,000 people and leaving another 1 million people homeless.
In response to the devastation, promoters here and abroad organized a seemingly endless stream of benefit concerts to aid the country's overwhelming relief efforts. To date, more than $1 billion has been raised for Haiti's earthquake [...]