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D.C.’s Static Disruptors: The Go-Go Band That Didn’t Fit In

Fledgling go-go rapper Craig Rosen of D.C.’s Static Disruptors will never forget what go-go godfather Chuck Brown said when Rosen asked him to produce his first record. "I had a cassette of 'D.C. Groove' and offered it to [Brown]. He told me, 'If I take that tape and put it in my pocket, the females are [...]

Mouthbreathers’ Minor Threat Tribute: HarDCore, With 100 Percent More Bong

On Monday, Brooklyn indie site Impose Magazine wrote up a little piece about a new band from Lawrence, Kan., that evokes the brightest days of the D.C. hardcore scene. "Anxiety," a fuzz-filled jam by newbie quartet Mouthbreathers, is actually a little more reminiscent of the early '80s West Coast hardcore sound, but the cover art [...]