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WSC Avant Bard’s Happy Days, Reviewed

You can’t talk about Happy Days, Samuel Beckett’s 50-year-old Rubik’s Cube of a play, without talking about The Mound. Enter a theater where its performance is imminent, and a giant anthill immediately floods your vision.
"Expanse of scorched grass rising centre to low mound" is how the playwright renders it in his famously clipped prose. "Gentle slopes down [...]

Washington Shakespeare Company Is Now…WSC Avant Bard?

For about a second earlier this year, I started evaluating local theater troupes' season announcements. Not shockingly, this didn't prove very interesting, and I stopped the project almost immediately. But today, finally, comes a season roll-out worthy of deeper investigation.
This season, the arty Arlington-based Washington Shakespeare Company is staging Happy Days by Samuel Beckett; The [...]