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Photos: Sun Ra Arkestra at the Lincoln Theatre

Sitting on stage in full glittery regalia, the band looked "ready for space travel at any moment."

Pay Your Last Respects to Fort Fringe—and Shoot Zombies

Launch Nerf darts at actors and explore the rotting old Capital Fringe HQ this Halloween.

Arts Roundup: Chopping Block Edition

Smithsonian stares down a potential $65 budget cut, brought to us by Congress. [AP]
Montgomery County is hungry for millennials. Maybe the District can slough a few off 14th Street NW. [Post]
Neil Young will release a live solo album recorded at D.C.'s Cellar Door in 1970. [Rolling Stone]
The D.C. Preservation League and Douglas Development will present a [...]

ToDo ToDay: Spooky! Scary!

Hurricane Sandy spared Halloween and even left a few activities for those who aren’t content waiting for trick-or-treaters all night. Embrace the twisted and the bizarre at Alliance Française’s Halloween celebration honoring la fée verte, or the Green Fairy. The party, held at Adams Morgan’s Napoleon Bistro, plans to dish out mind-warping magic tricks, caricature [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Jeffrey Eugenides

Jeffrey Eugenides’ third novel, The Marriage Plot, is so sinuous that a certain type of reader is conditioned to distrust it. Anyone who knows contemporary fiction largely through postmodern inheritors like Don DeLillo and David Foster Wallace might look at the plot’s love triangle among Brown grads in the [...]

Your Weekend Music Roundup Has Been Eclipsed: The Straight, No Chaser Edition

Are you really surprised? We're being hit from all angles this weekend. HU Homecoming, Halloween, and rallies? So we'll make this brief, because I know darn well you have other things to do, like pick up your silken Cab Calloway Zoot Suit for the Cotton Club at Marvin or dust off your corduroy blazer [...]

In Mount Pleasant, Halloween is a Drag on Hobart Street

Every Halloween night for the past seven years, Tom Burkhardt, 61, and his partner, Steven Dunn, 55, with the help and participation of fellow Hobart Street residents in Mount Pleasant, have put on a drag show on the porch roof of their row house. Kids and adults alike gather in the street to watch the 7 [...]

Dirt Farm: Rally to Restore Halloween!

This Week in Repertory Film: Häxan, Nosferatu, Vingança

Between our glut of museums, embassies, film festivals, and a growing collection of independent (AFI Silver Theatre and the soon-to-open West End Cinema) and independent-ish (Landmark's E Street Cinema) movie theaters, Washington boasts an impressive calendar of repertory film screenings. Some are high-profile retrospectives like AFI's tributes to John Hughes and other filmmakers or Landmark's [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Eating Halloween Candy

It's everywhere. Kit Kats, candy corn, tiny Snickers bars, bags upon bags of M&Ms... you can't avoid it. With Halloween coming up, you know you're going to binge on fun-size snacks, and it's going to be delicious. You may end up toothless, but that won't dull the thrill of consuming countless chocolate treats. Of course, [...]