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The Demographics of D.C. Theater: White, Male, and Frequently Dead

Theatergoing is still generally considered a pastime for the privileged, and not only because of the high cost of tickets. In large part, the perspectives, situations, vocabularies, and ideologies conveyed on so many stages tend to be written from a white, male, Western perspective. That might not come as a shock, considering that American theaters [...]

Arts Roundup: A Substantial Failure Edition

More backstory on the green-paint vandal [AP via Huffington Post]
D.C. libraries will recommence Sunday hours starting in October. [DCist]
An update on the proposed Smithsonian Latino Museum [AP via WTOP]
Beyoncé's dancers teach YMCA summer campers some moves [Washingtonian]
Tyler Green on Hirshhorn's departing director: "... it’s hard to call the Koshalek years anything but a substantial failure." [Modern [...]

Arts Roundup: Donald Byrd Edition

The nephew-in-law of Donald Byrd (founder of D.C. group The Blackbyrds) posted on Facebook that the jazz trumpeter died in Delaware on Monday, and blogs immediately began circulating his post as breaking news. But no media outlets have been able to confirm it with the musician's immediate family. Regardless, the Guardian ran an obit, acknowledging, basically, [...]

Heroes, Hold the Super: Suilebhan’s REALS

It's been more than a decade since a summer movie season has passed without a big-budget superhero release. Even super-anti-hero comics, like WATCHMEN, the brilliant, downbeat Reagan-era series about how the existence of superheroes would improve exactly nothing, and KICK-ASS, a more recent, less brilliant gloss on similar ideas, have been mined for the movies. [...]