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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Fan: Den-Mate

"I think a lot of little girls want to be Gwen Stefani,” she says. “I think a lot of grown-up girls want to be Gwen Stefani.”

Rapper Eve on the Gap Between Her Albums and Testosterone in Hip-Hop

Hip-hop—its slang, its trends—seems to change every six months. So it's almost unheard of for a rapper to go a decade between releasing albums and still maintain some type of success. This became a reality for rapper Eve, who released her fourth album, Lip Lock, in May—11 years after its predecessor, Eve-Olution.
Eve's career wasn't exactly [...]

Photos: No Doubt @ Nissan Pavilion

Some 14 years after their first big hit, No Doubt is still a far bigger draw than I would have imagined, nearly selling out the 25,000-capacity Nissan Pavilion. After watching their stage show, that fact becomes a bit more comprehensible: these are incredibly professional entertainers with hit song after hit song after hit song to [...]