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In Which Dudes From The Caribbean and More Humans Improve on Guided by Voices

I've had plenty of kind words before for The Caribbean and More Humans, two partially-based-in-D.C. bands that make lyrical, disquieting story pop. Good news: The Jarvik 6 is a new collaboration between two of their members—Caribbean's Matthew Byars and More Humans' Clinton Doggett—and its first song is a Guided by Voices cover, "Learning to Hunt."
This is [...]

What I Learned at the Pitchfork Music Festival

The sixth annual Pitchfork Music Festival wrapped this weekend. Dismemberment Plan smiled the whole way through. Attendees got mad at Odd Future for saying offensive things. Face paint sales throughout the Midwest rose. It was dusty. It was hot. It was fun. I learned a few things that concert-goers, specifically those who have tickets to [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs For Getting Stoned And Making Zines

Check out the sweaters on sale at Macy's—the '90s are in. The entire winter wardrobe at most department stores looks like an unintentional tribute to Kurt Cobain lately. It's time for flannel, Matador LPs, Reality Bites on VHS, and most importantly, smoking a joint while putting together a zine. Rad self-made chapbooks have been lost [...]

Photos: Guided By Voices @ 9:30 Club

I didn't plan on staying for all of last night's sold-out Guided by Voices show at the 9:30. While I own the band's 2004 release, Half Smiles of the Decomposed, and like it OK, I never quite understood the seemingly fanatic excitement that so many people have for them. So I assumed I was [...]

Guided By Voices at the 9:30 Club, Discussed

Pre-show Banter
Ryan Little: How far into the GBV catalog are you, Mr. Siblo? Die-hard collector or casual fan? They have about the deepest well of any band I know...
Matt Siblo: I'm somewhere in-between. I came late to the party, have never traveled long distances to see them nor have I ever paid an exorbitant sum [...]

Arts Roundup: Pondering Lists, Avoiding Bridges, Planning My Vacation

Hello and happy Tweetup day! Last time I checked, it's still December, which is every music critic's favorite month—doubly so this year since the decade is ending. It's true: List-making makes less and less sense as our tastes fragment. That's kinda what Simon Reynolds argues in an essay in the Guardian, which he concludes, I [...]

In Defense of Hi-Fi Maturity:
Pains of Being Pure at Heart @ Black Cat

It's probably not fair to call The Pains of Being Pure at Heart a lo-fi band. Certainly, the New York group's self-titled album sounds appropriately hissy and fuzzy. But "lo-fi" also connotes an attitude, a puritanical devotion to songwriting whether it comes at the expense of sound quality or not.
But when the four-piece, which plays [...]