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ToDo ToDay: “Hawaii by Air,” Hooray for Earth, and Good Willsmith

Though it’s been a U.S. territory for more than a century and a state since 1959, Hawaii remains an archipelago unto itself: 2,400 miles west of San Francisco, the small chain of volcanic islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a remote world of exquisite beauty unique from the rest of our country. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Terekke, Clinic, Local Authors, and a Spelling Bee

"Nostalgia implies a lack, which I’m not so interested in," Heatsick (aka the England-reared, Berlin-based Steven Warwick) told music site The Quietus last year. Those are heady words for a dance-music creator whose primary tool is one of those old Casio keyboards with the orange hexagonal drum pads, but the proof is in his rhythms, and [...]

Photos: Holly Miranda @ Black Cat

Holly Miranda’s debut album, The Magician's Private Library, is full of slow, atmospheric tunes, sort of like singer-songwriter material with a heavy dose of Pink Floyd. But at the Black Cat backstage last night, her songs came alive with a surprisingly aggressive rhythmic base; Miranda’s vocals, almost wispy on record, proved soulful and remarkably powerful [...]

Leak Proof: Asobi Seksu, Tyondai Braxton, Grooms, Boo Rossini

Asobi Seksu: "Transparence"
For a while there Asobi Seksu was one of the last purveyors of noisy, sexy, dream pop and if you were looking for a shoegaze fix, they were the band to go to. Then My Bloody Valentine reunited and the Brooklyn-based duo had to find a new schtick. This alternate version of "Transparence," [...]